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T.T Oh, wow. Okay. I had a vague idea of what I was getting into when I got the game but it still turned out to be better than expected. It's very sweet and heartwarming, and I'm really glad I got to experience this (and I was so excited when I found out that it was made by fellow Indonesians aaa)

I love this kind of short narrative games. Keep up the good work! BTW, I noticed that you have options for multiple languages in the setting, but it only changes the game menu language, not the in-game text. When I choose "Portuguese language" and hit pause menu [ESC] its wrongly says "Jogo Pagado" ("Pagado" means "payed"), the correct term should be "Jogo Parado" (Game Stopped) ou "Jogo Pausado" (Game Paused).

This game is short and sweet. I don't even like visual novels and I enjoyed this because of the story and writing. 1 hr was perfect.


It's alright, I feel like the narrative is a bit weak? I'm pretty sure if Vivi had severe clinical depression leading to suicidal thoughts, some few surface-level conversations without addressing the root cause won't completely rid of it. I guess it's a good game for mentally healthy people to be grateful for their life but it's not really doing anything for clinical depression if that makes sense. It's just that, for this to be the game's marketed selling point, it's not working well for it.

It's cutely made though, reminds me of those 2009 flash games that were really popular then, with the blocky thick lines and poster colors. The soundtrack is really nice too, especially the last track that plays on the ending. 

This is an older game anyways and to my knowledge the lead dev fahmitsu is releasing a new game called Afterlove EP and I'm hoping there's more emotional depth to that game (the main character deals with grief) because this one... just doesn't do it for me.

Haven't finished it yet, but just wanted to say that it's a beautiful game! The part with the animal spirits really got me since I just lost s furry friend, but it was a much needed good cry! Thank you for this wonderful game!

Fahmi and team, that was amazing. I... I don't have words for this. Thank you and be well!


This game took me 1 hour to complete and it's 1 hour well spent. It's a topic that everyone can relate to and I guess that is the charm. Gives you something to ponder over after completing the game. Thanks for the journey.


A visual novel about a young girl suddenly finding herself on the train to the afterlife, which allows her to speak to the other passengers sharing their own passing and reflect on her own thoughts on that matter. Its a very touching topic, that manages to achieve most of its emotional depth through stories of other peoples regrets, while still allowing for some lighter uplifting beats. It is a good story with characters worth listening to. 3,5/5

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I liked it! it's not quite what you might expect however. It doesnt go deeply into contemplation of mortality or anything, but that may be for the better. It stayed positive and told a small story as it slowly unraveled through dialogue with the dead. It's short and sweet, and doesnt hit too hard. Worth a try!

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listen, its not a bad game.  But it feels more like an anti suicide PSA written by someone who has only ever read a pamplet about depression than anything actually impactful.  The messages of the game are the same preachy rhetoric that you've probably heard a million times.  Its just "oh dont kill yourself.  Think about all the people who care about you." and other generic guilt tripping.  Its a cute little game but its far from groundbreaking or helpful even.  If anything, this game made me feel worse.  at the end of the day, this was a game written by someone who has never been suicidal for people who have never struggled with clinical long term depression. 

Just bought the game and for some reason the characters moves to the left even if i'm not pressing left unless I press right, is it normal ?

just finished the game, I loved it

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Could it be this? Right to left movement generally has a negative psychological component, and symbolizes the character is moving towards danger, death, decline, etc. It's the way to get to the afterlife.

this game is... so good. i cried a lot and it definitely really helped me feel better and helped me understand a lot of things. that baby was way too smart for it's own good though

Very sweet and short game. Had a few tears and it was a big eye-opener. Nice cheap therapy session, tbh. 10/10. Love the kittens.

I have just finished playing it through and i am really struggling to find words that express what i am currently feeling. This is one of these stories that really cut deep and i enjoyed everything in the execution — the dialogue, the music, and, specially, the graphics.

In a way it reminded me of “Night of the Milky Way Railway”, not only for the obvious thematic similitudes, but also because both stories left me wondering about things i would never think about otherwise.

Thank you very much for making this game.

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Coffee Talk is my GOTY pick. Thank you for that.

Side q: do you think you could release a Linux version of this?

Edit: nevermind, it worked perfectly with Wine

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please add steam key to the purchase! :)

Hey sorry for the delay, we've added Steam key as part of the purchase

Could we possibly get a short comic about what happens to Vivi after the events of What Comes After?

I personally had grown such an attachment that I'm struggling to let go of her.

Just something to end her story.

I know its a silly request.


This game is a must-buy and a must-try! I can say with utter certainty that this game will hold a special part in my memory that I'll cherish forever.

Spoilers & a little story :p

As Vivi ate her Nasi Goreng, I couldn't help but reflect upon my own memories from my childhood that didn't seem particularly special, but stuck with me nonetheless. I remember as a young kid my mom would have me take a spoonful of liquid vitamin C, but the bottle was quite hefty, so she'd always be the one to pour it. One particular morning, she was in quite a rush and told me to pour out a spoonful on my own. And so I did, and I spilled a bunch all over the table, and my mom scolded me for it. The very next morning, she did something I totally did not expected -- she apologized to me. 

I've always had this memory in the back of my mind, but I never really understood why until I played this game. For an Asian mom to apologize to her son... even for the smallest thing... I wish I could describe that feeling, but man, I'm just tearing up trying to come up with words.

Thank you so much for making this game and for providing an experience I didn't know I needed :) Please keep on making games


Thank you so much for playing and sharing your story!


I had fun playing this game! It was a lot of dialogues but it tells a heartwarming story. Everything has a voice. I'm just amazed on how animals and trees are more forgiven than people. I was trying to speak as fast as I could and end up speaking for almost 1 hour lol...

great game (Which Engine u use?)

Thank you! We are using Unity with Yarn Spinner.


Hey there, cool looking game!

Was wondering if you guys are interested in getting it localized/translated into Spanish (latam) if so, please, let me know!

Hi there!

Thank you so much for the kind words.

Sadly, we don't really have any budget to do any additional language at this point.

Oh, I see, if your team is interested in the future, we can talk/negotiate about the budget.

Thanks for the reply!